The Open Storage

Föremål i Mölndals stadsmuseums öppna magasin. Foto: Camilla Eliasson.

Most likely, you will find objects in here that will set off memories, no matter where you are from!

Most museums only show a small percentage of their collections, while the majority is stored in closed storages. When the museum moved into larger premises, we decided on another approach. In the open storage, you will find our whole collection of everyday objects mainly from the 20th century. There are about 10 000 of them.

The objects are displayed according to different themes, such as “Secrets”, “Sorrow or joy”, and ”Used, used up, reused”, and only the most fragile things are stored behind glass. Don’t be afraid to explore the exhibition with all your senses, but with respect for the objects. By touching and smelling, picking up to take a closer look, maybe more memories will come to you.

The open storage is all about your memories and stories – that is why you won’t see many text signs explaining the objects. If you want to know more about an object or a part of the exhibition, don’t hesitate to ask someone on the museum staff!


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